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The history of the flute, and its exact origins are largely unknown. There are many stories as to it’s origin, some of the oldest flutes ever discovered was in 1931, archaeologist Earl H. Morris led an expedition to the Prayer Rock district of northeastern Arizona. Accounts of Morris’s expedition identify the area as Atahonez Canyon. The valley is on the Navajo Indian reservation in Arizona. Morris’s team excavated 15 caves. The largest cave contains 16 dwellings and was later named Broken Flute Cave. His team unearthed thousands of artifacts. Among them were four wooden flutes that have been dated between AD 620 and 670.

 In one dwelling, two almost completely intact flutes were discovered. The broken pieces of two other flutes were recovered from another dwelling. All four flutes are constructed of Box Elder and had six holes.

These were not the same as the modern NAF, as they had no Fipple (True sound hole) the sound was produced with the lips like a modern side blown flute. So the actual origins of the modern day style of flute known as the Woodland Style Flute is unknown.What is known is that the Native American Indians have been playing some form of  flute for thousands of years.

History of the Native American Flute

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Hello, my name is Terry and on this site you will find Native American Style Flutes for sale, made in my workshop, in Tomerong, Australia, where I live with my wife Astara

The Native American Flute is one of the easiest musical instruments to learn, you can be playing it with just a few minutes of practice, and once hooked on this wonderful instrument, you will then want to take the rest your lifetime to master it. Even people with no musical background can play this magical flute in no time at all, and you don’t need to be able to read music to play this instrument

All my Flutes are made from a mix of Australian and exotic timbers, all the timber used is sourced from a local supplier, and from salvaged timber. We have some beautiful hardwoods here in Australia, and they make wonderful sounding flutes, but due to the density of some of the hardwoods, they can also make the flute very heavy, especially with the large bore flutes.


Native American Style Flutes

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